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Frequently asked questions

These are some questions that people often ask me. Hoepfully these will give some insight on topics that may be on your mind.

What made you get into NES game development?

Back in 2007, I became aware of a port of Sudoku not only coded, but being physically released for the system. This got my attention as I always wanted to make my own game for the system. The timing also happened to coincide with me going back to school to take some more classes, one of which happened to be assembly programming (x86, not 6502). This class was very helpful in learning a lot of general concepts that I later applied to the NES.

In addition to the college course, a lot of newer, more accurate information was released that explained methods how to get started with making games. Up until that point, most of the information out there was either erroneous, mistaken, or not very clear at all.

After a few simple programs and being able to see that it was possible to actually make something, I later expanded into larger projects.

How can I start NES game development?

You'll want to do some reading of guides. I recommend using the ones that I used. They are organized on a forum post that's on the website Nintendoage. You do not have to register to view the forum.

Direct link to the forum post

What programs do you use to make your games?

I use the following programs, all of which are linked to the relevant pages:

  • Notepad++ for text editing.
  • NESASM to assemble the code. (Link goes directly to a zip file)
  • YY-CHR for editing graphics
  • FCEUX is the emulator I tend to use for testing, though others could be used as well. It's up to you.
  • Famitracker to write and preview music. I do not, however, use any generated NSFs from it as they are not optimized for actual game use.

Will you port your games to modern consoles?

This is something I have considered. The main setback is, unlike the NES, there's a significant amount of cost that's involved with going to newer systems. I am also not accustomed to the programming, so if I ever did decide to try this, there would be a lot of learning time involved with that.

If I ever did anything modern, it would most likely be a PC release.

Will you make Battle Kid 3?

I hope so. That's all I can say for now.

Where does the name "Sivak" come from?

Back in junior high school, I was really into the Dungeons and Dragons gold box PC games. In the Dragonlance series, there are enemies called Draconians, of which there are five types. Sivak Draconians were the ones I liked best, so I have been using that as my nickname ever since I got on the internet.

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