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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril


Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

A homebrew project that started in October, 2008, this game marks the first major platformer release for the NES since Sunday Funday in 1995. Prior to making this game, I had only done small, simple games to help grasp the concepts of NES programming. After making three such games, I decided to try something much bigger. Close to a year of programming later, everything was done and the game itself was officially released on February 22, 2010.

Inspired from the indie game "I Wanna be the Guy" and other classic platformers, the game follows the style dubbed Metroidvania in that you do not have stages, but rather one large area to freely explore. You always die in one hit, but there are unlimited continues in the normal difficulty as well as a password system to resume where you last left off.

In total, there are over 550 rooms, 8 bosses, and over 30 different types of enemies. You will also obtain items along the way that grant you new abilities such as higher jumping or slower falling in order to travel to new areas of the fortress.

Can you survive the perils that lie ahead?

Product info, purchase info, & demo

What's included?

The product comes in a transparent green plastic shell and also comes with a color manual. There is no box with this release.

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Purchase information

Game demo

Want to demo the game before buying? I have a demo ROM you can play below.

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Version differences

There have been 2 versions of the game released. 1.000 and 1.100. The differences are minor, but I figured I'd list them. In 1.100, they are as follows:

  • Label artwork updated and has a better color job.
  • Removal of a glitch one has to intentionally do to turn invincible.
  • Made the letters D and V look clearer in the game's font.
  • Addition of a mini 10 screen level that was intended for the Screwattack Gaming Convention. Use the password "SGCLEVEL" to play it.
  • Minor mod to one sound effect.


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